Forty five years' experience Get a FREE quote We carry out free surveys and provide free quotations and advice on all of our services.
Forty five years'experience Get a FREE quoteWe carry out free surveys and provide free quotationsand advice on all of our services.

Heating Systems & Controls

Did you know that by turning your thermostat down by 1oC you can save up to 10% on your heating bills? 

Our Gas Safe engineer can test your Heating system controls and recomend the best action for you to reduce your energy bills and save money.

Normaly this inital servey is free of charge. 

With over 40 years of experiance in Heating and Ventilation and the last 10 years as an energy reduction consultant our engineer can advise you on the most cost effective way to save energy. 

Heating systems can suffer from a number of things that reduce its efficiency.
•    Controls not operating correctly 
•    Clogging of the pipes and radiators.
•    Boilers short cycling and short circuiting
•    Area of the building being heated unnecessarily


Click hear for more information and to apply for a Free energy survey 

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